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Imagine sipping hot coffee at a quaint, pretty looking bistro that gives a gorgeous view of the gleaming sky or wearing your sassy straw hat while you are luxuriously soaking up the sun. No, this isn’t some fancy sequence from some fancy film; this is the visual of a picture-perfect holiday. And here’s where we glide through in the scene like super-heroes, waving our capes, whirling around from pillar to post to make your vacation dreams come true. Well, we happily indulge in all this action because at Blue Grandiose we understand the need to have a rejuvenating holiday, the need to take a break from that everyday grind and those boring routines. Now this is the reason you must go sailing because there’s nothing like watching a vast expanse of sea in front of you, feeling that waft of wind touch your face and letting the scent of the ocean cast a magic on your senses.

And while you get busy cutting that long string of worries loose, life gives you yummy margaritas, new friends, fun and frolic, and a huge heap of lovely experiences on the ship.


You can crane your neck or look down, or get a little more active, bend you back and stare high up at the sky; the water world is only going to surprise you. From gorgeous sea-creatures to glimpses of beautiful sights, every day is sure to be something new. You can get adventurous and do some martial-arts on the deck (without drowning) or stretch your hands out to strike the same old Titanic pose; cruising is fun and we aren’t saying this because we want to make money (actually we do), but the sole reason is - we want you to get a taste of what it’s like to be out there and feel the calming effect of water; trust us it’s out of this world!


Since we are such mad sea and ship lovers (Which is evident by now), Blue Grandiose seemed liked the right choice for a name. Those two words capture the magnificence of the H20 kingdom brilliantly.


There’s this other thing we are super passionate about. We like to see our customers return from their holidays with happy smiles and content hearts. And we have been witnessing this for the past many years. Our parent firm V.P Travels, founded by Jitul Mehta, has been helping people plan their dream holidays since 1996. And now emerges another labour of love – Blue Grandiose, which is all set to float through to give travel lovers an unforgettable cruising experience.


So we want to make sure that you go out there with your mad bunch, do some martial-arts on the deck (Just kidding, strictly avoid that), and return with a glow on your face; that would just be enough to make us happy as hell…

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